Computer freezes while receiving a fax

I have a PC that is acting as a fax server using windows fax console under xp. It works fine locally, but when I log into a domain account on that PC, the computer freezes whenever it gets a fax.

Freezing usually means bad hardware or port conflicts, but seeing how it works absolutely fine when not on the domain, I've run out of ideas.

The fax configuration is identical under both profiles and I've give the domain account on that computer local admin just as a hope to fix the problem with no luck.

any suggestions?
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  1. Can you be more specific about your setup? Is this at the office, or at home?

    If at the office, then you should contact your network admin. He could've set a policy that blocks certain kinds of traffic based on the domain account you're using.

    If at home, why do you have to log in using a domain name?
  2. I'm at the office and I am the network admin. :/
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