Pentium 4 or Celeron for overclocking

I have one idea - high clock project. Corsair H70 water cooling system is here, P35 motheboard coming soon. Now I need Pentium 4 or Celeron CPU (socket LGA 775). I have heard that they are great in overclocking. It is true? Which CPU families is right choose? Just Socket 775. Something from here: and
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  1. P4 Celeron + Corsair H70 ..! Waste Money +Time
    Upgrade Pc minimal DualCore / Athlon
  2. You don't understand me :) I am talking about high clock project. I need this cpu for one experement :)
  3. Are they better than other lga 775 sockets IN OVERCLOCKING
  4. The world record for OC was with a Celeron D, I think (could be wrong/chanced) so shot in the dark its a celeron. P4 are crap anyway...
  5. ^But can they get higher colocks than p4? Perfomance isn't important, just clocks :)
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