Customizable Fan Speeds and Temperatures?

I was wondering if there was any software that would allow for customizing fan speeds at certain temperatures? I have yet to find one application that encompasses both GPU fan's as well as the CPU, and NB to name a few. It would be idea to have some kind of linear relationship with temperature and fan speed. As the temperature increases gradually, so does the RPM's on the fan. I hate having to keep my video card running at 40% then switch it manually to 80% when gaming since the fan doesn't go past 40% unless the temperature reaches around 90C. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. Any ideas?
  2. Anyone?
  3. SpeedFan?
  4. AKM880 said:

    I tried configuring speedfan and it still didnt' work.
  5. Maybe it just doesn't work with your motherboard.
  6. Ah I forgot about that one, but isn't RivaTuner only for GPU's.
  7. AKM880 said:
    Ah I forgot about that one, but isn't RivaTuner only for GPU's.

    It's okay. I have used Rivatuner before and it worked great. I wish they made smartguardian for 64bit windows, that worked great. Wonder if it would work again. Still haven't found anything that works. It makes me seriously think that its no possible to control the speed. It just doesn't make sense that in 2005 I can get a fan and mobo that controls speed, but in 2009, with same fan brand and superior motherboard, I can't do it. Seems odd. I emailed Zalman customer support to see what they can do.
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