MSI GTX 460 1GB HAWK talon attack


I am trying to overclock my graphic card but i have never done anything alike before - i have read some OC settings for this card but normally it dose not work the same on everyone.

This is what i have tried (in msi afterburner) and what i get:

Core Voltage (mV) +100 max
Memory Voltage (mV) +100 max
Aux Voltage (mV) +30 max

Core Clock (MHz) 919
Shader Clock (MHz) 1838

Memory Clock (MHz) 2240

Fan Speed (%) 100 max

After the clock i started the MSI Kombustor for stability test and after minute or two something went wrong - the image was not as it should look ( i mean the msi logo - the line that is going out of the letters, why this happens??) - see pic and the temperature went to 60 but because of the image was not alright i revert to stock clock - i am afraid to blow out my graphic card :P .. please help me drive this card as far as possible without blowing it up :P

this is my rig:
coolerMaster 750W
Asus p7p55d
i5 760quadCore
2x 2GB Corsair dominator 1600mhz 9C
msi gtx 460 1gb hawk talon attack
WD 1TB caviar black 7200rpm 64mb
OS windows 7 64bit
thanks for helping!
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  1. Ideally you want to try overclocking in small steps. Also, before raising the voltage at all I'd see what kind of overclock you can attain on stock voltage. As raising the voltage increases heat and generally speaking can lower the lifetime of your hardware. Of course if you are planning to replace the card in a couple years it is probably not much of an issue, but something to consider never the less.

    I'd recommend going back to stock voltage and clocks. Then slowly increasing your speeds to find out your ceiling. A successful max overclock takes a good bit of trial and error and a decent amount of time.

    The line you are seeing is due to artifacts/corruption from the hardware being pushed past the point at which it can operate relatively error free. I've also read in a number of review that raising PLL voltage doesn't seem to help in OC's most of the time. Of course as with all OC's individual mileage will vary.

    One last thing to consider is that the cards GDDR5 memory has error correcting features. So it will sometimes clock higher than it can actually operate without error, but it won't crash or show artifacts. Instead the memory will slow down and despite the higher clock speeds, the performance won't reflect them. So make sure to increase the memory clocks separately to make sure you are seeing a performance increase after each bump in frequency. If you aren't getting one it is likely you've reached the limit of what the memory can do.

    Although the memory modules are apparently Hynix which are rated for 1250mhz or 5000mhz effective, it is pretty much unheard of anyone obtaining that speed from them. 1120 or so seems to be the higher limit in review that I've read.

  2. nice post
  3. one more precise question that really doubts me - how should i stress test and how long?

  4. Thank you for the compliment. I just purchased the exact same card around 4 hours ago from NewEgg! So I knew all of that stuff because I've pretty much done nothing but research GTX 460's for the past two days. Especially the two MSI Hawk ones. Maybe played a bit of Fall Out New Vegas on my GTS 250 'Green' aka 'Sucky' edition, lol.

    I'm not exactly sure what the currently preferred method for stress testing is, but, even if you are just using it to play some video games for a few hours straight that alone will stress the card. However, I think most people currently run Furmark to stress test their GPU and the amount of time is personal preference.

    If it can handle Furmark or MSI Kombustor stress test for a half hour w/o artifacts then I'd feel very confident you don't have any issues. You can always stress it for longer, but, I personally don't feel it is necessary.

    Usually after each small jump in OC'ing I'd run a 5 minute test while looking for artifacts, then w/o issues I'd bump it up again slightly and repeat. Eventually you'll get artifacts within those first 5 minutes when you clock is too high. Generally ppl suggest moving down 15-20mhz from that point and leaving it be.

    You could try moving down less, but, when you get close to your OC limit you'll want to make sure and stress test for a decent amount of time to ensure the card doesn't fail on you in the middle of a 2 hour gaming session. Although keep in mind that Furmark/Kombustor currently put a lot more stress on GPU's than any current game is capable of.

    Keeping the above in mine make sure to watch your temperatures when running these tests. Due to your sweet MSI card, the temps on your GPU shouldn't be an issue. Just make sure your case has proper airflow and that your other system temperatures aren't rising too much above normal operating level due to the heat being generated inside the case.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I'll try to check this thread once a day or so. I'll actually bookmark it this time as it was kind of a fluke I happened by here again, hehe.


    btw, its a good thing I can type because I'm so wordy! Would take me forever if I didn't type like 75 wpm.
  5. now i have 925 MHz Clock and stress test for 20mins - stable (75 C temperature max at 100% fan spin), about good airflow in the case :) i know that :P .. i have been researching as well before getting this card
  6. Sweet, that is a pretty nifty OC. Did it require you to adjust the voltages at all?

    Also, how do you find the card noise wise? I've heard its pretty good, although obviously makes some noise at 100% as all cards do. Just wondering as I'm anticipating mine will arrive here on Monday.

    Unfortunately NewEgg didn't ship mine out yesterday even tho I ordered early in the morning. I probably should have paid the extra $3 for rush processing, lol.


  7. the card is pretty quite i like it .. however check this link :
  8. I have a vga msi hawk talon attack, but had 2 pieces of power supply unit and burst into flames, but I only use one processor without overclocking amd 955be, 4 gb ram (2 X 2), 2 hdd, 320 and 250 gb seagate baracuda, and vga msi hawk talon attack, which I use venom psu 700watt, and this psu should be able to serve the needs of my computer because it is based calculator count extreme, my electricity needs no more than 461 watts, and that's recommended psu is only 550 watts, whereas I had 700 watt psu modular full.
    roughly what these psu causes no resistance? Should I use a psu that how? whether it should be a 750 watt? eg brand corsair hx 750 watt?
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