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I am trying to install windows 7 on a 40gb Intel SSD for the boot and a few apps and then make a RAID 1 with 2 320gb seagates. The problem is I installed windows 7 on the ssd(only 7.87gb free) and Cant seem to get the RAID to be recognized.

I have a p6x58d-e. I set the storage config in bios to RAID. Restart and hit ctrl I to enter Intels raid. Create the raid 1 with the 2 seagates. exit. Windows then will not load. So I go back into bios and change the storage config back to IDE enhanced and windows loads but the raid is not recognized.

Please help a very frustrated guy.
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  1. Mutually exclusive.
    (1) SSDs perform best using AHCI mode. Should not install in IDE mode. Added, if the SSD was set up in IDE mode, you can switch it to AHCI mode - either google it, or the metode is in several threads on SSD (under poor performance).
    (2) When you set the HDD mode in Bios, it uses that mode for all ports on that controller, That is if set to AHCI then all ports are set to AHCI on that controller. If you set it to Raid, then HDDs that are setup to use Raid1 or 0 through the "Clrt I) will function in that mode, non raid members will function in SATA mode - Your choice.

    From what I understand ( and starting to question my knowledge), but for non-raid members using sata mode and with the intel RST ver 9) driver utilize the AHCI mode.

    Need to start from scratch. If you are convinced you need the 2 HDDs in raid1 (only provides limited protection) then (1) disconnect HDDs Set the Bios to Raid and install operating system to the SSD. when you have that working, reconnect your HDDs and set to raid1 and set up (Cntr I). should be good to go.

    Myself, I would set Bios to AHCI for all drives and do myoun backup (normally to an internal drive Plus to an external drive).
  2. You did it right, just need to go in and correctly configure the boot preferences after enabling RAID

    Set to RAID config, save, Reboot - immediately go back into BIOS,
    set boot order preferences, picking the primary SSD drive. save, reboot
    Should boot into Windows.
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