OC multiple-only and Turbo....how does it work

Planning to get a 2500k or 2600k.

My question is, for a "simple" overclock where I just am upping the multiplier and not changing anything else, how does that impact Turbo? Does the whole turbo range move upward, or are you effectively just compressing the turbo range to a smaller one?

If the stock chip runs 3.1 up to 3.7 in turbo, and you take the multiplier from 31 to 36, does the turbo then automatically run from 3.6ghz to 4.2ghz? If you up it to 42, by the chip can't really OC higher than 4.3ghz, is the turbo range then 4.2ghz to 4.3ghz?
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  1. least for the current chips IIRC if you bump the multi on an OC the turbo multi will increase too, which could cause the chip to become unstable and crash which is why people tend to disable turbo boost when overclocking. But who knows with the new Intel chips.
  2. No it will only change the turbo frequency. for instance, i have a 3570k running at 4.6 under load. i have speedstep enabled. when i am trolling the web it runs at 1.6 ghz. the second i start gaming? 4.6 ghz the entire time, no dips in frequencies, droops, nothing. the chip is stock 3.4 ghz. funny thing is i have never seen it at stock speed. its either at 1.6 ghz at rest or 4.6 ghz when flexing its muscles. Also when i disable turbo, my multiplier windows disappear. unless someone could explain to me how, i think i can only oc in turbo.

    hope this helps
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