Worth my time/money to OC this configuration?

Hi everyone. So as mentioned above, would it be worth it for me to over clock my CPU and maybe get faster RAM (Corsair Dominator) with this configuration;

Intel Core i7 920 (currently @ stock 2.66GHz)

Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard

6GB (3x2GB) of Kingston KVR1333 RAM

2 x eVGA 768MB GTX 460 SC

Windows 7 64-bit

Corsiar TX 750W

Mostly game at 1920x1080, 4xAA, 16xAF

Any feedback would be great,

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  1. Overclocking would definitely be worth it and in most cases, it is recommended.. Just make sure you have a good aftermarket cooler to do that.. Those i7's can get hot nicely..
  2. I wouldn't get new RAM as 1333 is still a good speed. Overclocking I would suggest however. With good cooling you should be able to at least get between 3.0 and 3.4. Have a look into it!
  3. Yes, it's worth.
    3.0GHz is enough for your setup to play almost anything and maxed out them all. :)
  4. Your talking to a guy that overclocks as soon as the computer is built and windows is installed, so yes overclocking is recommended, you do it at your own risk however. You can most likely achieve a mild to moderate overclock on stock cooling, after that you'll need a decent aftermarket heatsink.

    Games love high frequency even the games that are multicore threaded, so there's a performance gain to be had there. And obviously everything else will be faster, so there's that as well.
  5. 6GB (3x2GB) of Kingston KVR1333 RAM. is it RAM value..?
    very hard OC RAM Value..! more time looking max freq RAM !
  6. Heny, he can overclock his cpu without overclocking his ram.
  7. sportsfanboy said:
    Heny, he can overclock his cpu without overclocking his ram.

    yes... u right..! if want get max Oc must get RAM extrme like Corsair Dominator
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