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My dell notebook got wet. I had earlier cloned the orig 60 gb disk to a 250 gb disk that worked fine till it got wet. I bought another dell inspirion 600m that is exactly the same as the one that i got wet and put the 250 gb drive in it forced me to do checkdisk an I have numerous corrupt unreadable files. It finally starts up in windows but freezes up in a short while. I put the original 60gb drive in and it works fine. There are programs on the drive that was in the computer that got wet is there a way to fix the corrupt and unreadable files
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  1. The reason they are corrupt and unreadable is because the drive is damaged from the water. You can try a data recovery software like Recuva, it may be able to find something. But you probably have damaged sections of the drive, to fix that you need to send it off to a drive repair facility. Cost for that starts at a few hundred and goes to thousands of dollars depending on how much data is needed and what the issue is.
  2. Thanks for the info I have the drive that the badone was cloned from and have the wet drive hooked up wia usb I am able to read the trive do you think that if I replaced the bad file on the bad drive with the same files from the original drive that might work
  3. I dont think the drive got wet I think the files were corrupted through shorts ect
  4. gotojerryc said:
    I dont think the drive got wet I think the files were corrupted through shorts ect

    Copying the files over may work, it should write them do different locations, although it's not a good idea to use the bad drive. If you can get it working, get whatever data you need out of it, and get a new hard-drive.
  5. Im looking to get it working so that I can clone it to a new drive it has programs that are hARD TO REPLACE
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