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Hello everyone,

I'm using my desktop to work from home this summer, and it has recent started having a ton of issues. I run Crossfire 4850s with an 850W Antec PSU. I've run this setup for 11months now, but recently it has had some serious issues.

A few days ago I came home and found that my computer did not go into sleep mode the night before, and the GPU fans were on full blast like a jet engine. I am relatively new to system building, and this is my only build. Here are the symptoms:

--The aforementioned fans on full-blast.
--When I turn on my system, the fans / LEDs come on, but before a mobo-post screen can occur, the system shutsdown and restarts.
--After a few system startups, I will occasionally get a message telling me the CMOS has corrupted and I should pick a previous one (my mobo stores multiple CMOS settings, I assume it is corrupting due to the shutdown in the middle of loading)
--The system can occasionally startup all the way. I can run Fallout 3 for 5-10minutes (haven't tried more) with no issues at all.
--The display driver can randomly restart, and sometimes it will turn off and not be able to restart, and the whole system will shutdown and restart.
--If I try to bring the computer out of sleep mode, it will sometimes work, and sometimes try to turn on for 1-2secs and then shutdown are restart completely.
--A couple of times I've gotten display errors, with all kinds of jagged lines (the computer does not shutdown here, but the display is just completely messed up).

I'm really not sure what component is failing me here, I've replaced the display drivers to no avail. Any advice on what components are likely to have problems, or share some similar experiences?
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  2. Could you post your entire system spec?
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