Wondering what Mother Board i should get

hello, im wondering what motherboard i should get, here is what i have at the moment

what i have:
socket 939 pros.
Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 PCI-E graphic card
450W power supply
i have 4 sticks of ram

what i dont have/need:
i do not have a sound card, but i will buy one once i get a motherboard.
i am planing on useing a wired internet connection, so if the motherboard has a build in internet port, that would be nice.
i would like a 1 terabit HD in it once i get it built, but right now i plan on useing my two smaller HDs(neither of those are sata)
im going to use a dvd reader/writer, and a dvd reader
i also have another sata HD and i dont know if im going to need to to put it in, so if the motherboard could support a third HD(that is sata)

thanks for reading and helping
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  1. IIRC, isn't socket 939 a somewhat outdated platform? I think the best of these mobos don't even have PCIe support.

    My suggestion is that you get a new motherboard and processor. In any case, you can check this thread out: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/209520-30-best-socket-mobo
  2. thank you, and about 5 hours after posting this i relized that getting a new mobo, and proc will be better and easier, so im gonna make a new post asking what one i should get, i have a limit of $250
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