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I have a NF980-G65 motherboard from MSI running an AMD Phenom II X4 945 processor, 850W corsair PSU, 2X2 GB of G.Skill ram, 0 raid HDD, and GTX 460.
I was fooling around with the FSB speed trying to get some overclocking done, and now the default is set to 240 (Instead of 200).

If i change it to anything under 240, it changes the other numbers such as CPU speed, but the displayed number for FSB stays at 240. When I start windows 7, it shows the computer running on 3.00 ghz (stock), but when i run prime95, it crashes almost immediately. When i go back into the bios, it loads with 3.60 ghz cpu speed and 240 FSB. I even tried to reset the cmos jumper to reset the settings. It reset everything else (such as boot sequence) so i know its resetting, but the default stays at 240.

Also, when i try to set it above 240, it displays the correct FSB and cpu speeds.
Its only when i set it below 240 such as 220 that it keeps displaying 240 while showing cpu speeds based on 220.

Did i damage the motherboard? the CPU?

WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?

On a sidenote:
I can get it to run at 3.00 ghz if i set it to do so (even thouogh it displays the FSB at 240).
It seems to be working okay at the moment, but im afraid its damaging it slowly or something like that.
I also ordered a new heatsink and fan for the cpu, and i dont wanna attach it to something thats busted.
Please help!
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  1. Try resetting the bios again like this.

    Switch off psu/push power on button a few times/switch bios jumper/remove bios battery.

    Leave for 15mins/push battery back in/switch jumper back/fire up board.

    Hopefully it should be set at defaults.
  2. nvm i fixed it.
    the mobo has a "easy oc" crap switch that just increases fsb freq...
    somehow i turned it on while opening the case to reset the jumper cable... guess i got bored while waiting the few seconds...

    so yea... it bumps it up 20% which is why the new minimum was 200X120%=240
    240X15 (multiplier) = 3600mhz
  3. Nice1. [:bohleyk:1]
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