Need Help!! Upgrading in 48 hours!!

been a long time since i posted.
I am looking for a new cpu/mobo/ram combo that would best suit my purpose with the best price to performance ratio.
I plan to use my pc for gaming and as a general purpose pc.
I have a xfx 8800gt and a dell 1908wfp-19inch lcd.
I am looking at the phenom 2-x4 955 be.
I have a few questions:

1]What motherboard(both ddr2 and ddr3) would be best suited for a stable overclocking experience and general day to day usage?
2]does it make sense to go in for ddr3 over ddr2--are the performance gains noticeable?
3]i will be gaming on my 19 incher with my 8800gt(can't upgrade thanks to the recession-got to save)-but does it make sense going in for a better video card or stick to the current card?
4]if not the amd platform what should i choose over it at in a similar price bracket?

or should i stick to my asus a8ne and opteron 175@ 2.8ghz with 2gb of ddr 400 run pretty well and i play everything at max settings.

looking forward to quick replies!!!
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  1. It makes sense to go DDR3 and AM3 if you're buying a new mobo as you would then have more future upgradability.

    You can stick with the current card for now if you've had problem with it.

    I would go for the upgrade over your current setup.
  2. go with the e6300 pentium dc and foxconn ela p45 mobo with 2x1gb patriot ddr2 extreme performance 800mhz cas 4 and the rest is up to you. you cant go wrong these 3 parts less than $200
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