Does my mate have a PCI-E slot?

My mate is looking to buy a new graphics card, i've helped him find a nice one that can play WoW easily ( reason hes buying one is that he runs WoW with 1fps)
I asked him if he was sure he had a pci-e slot, and he sent me this pic
(yeah i nearly cried in laughter at the amount of dust he has there)
It looks to me that the red slot might be it but his system is really old so I'm not sure.
cheers pet
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  1. righty ho telling him to have a look now
  2. No, it`s AGP8X and the CPU will be a maximum P4@ 3.06 Ghz here:

    Do n`t bother trying to upgrade, the processor can`t handle newer games and will choke, even on WoW.
    Best option is to just get a cheap box and put a HD4670 in it.
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