EVGA 7900GT and Constant 100% Fan Speed

I have an eVGA 7900GT plugged into an ABIT IP-35P motherboard, and whenever any 3d application is started, the video card fan spins up to 100 percent and only stops for ten seconds at a time every 15 minutes or so. I downloaded the eVGA Precision software and sometimes, if I turn off "Auto" I can set the fan down to a more respectable speed, but after about 20 minutes, they fan speeds up to 100 percent and I have to mess with the slider again.

I tried downloading and using RivaTuner, but the app is not very intuitive and there seems to be a giant level of knowledge assumed by the author on the part of the user that I just don't have.

Can anyone help me get started on figuring this problem out? It's obnoxious to have my fan spinning at a whiny 100 percent when the GPU temperature climbs only five degrees or so when it's at a much quieter level.
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  1. I got similar problem too with my first 7950GTOC, the min is around 70%. Manual set is ok but will jump back later.
    I exchange for another same card, no more problem.
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