Xp will not recognise USB floppy-drive

Hi, my problem is XP will not recognise my USB floppy-drive. I have checked it on a friends PC and it works fine, so it is not a product fault. I get no icon in 'my-computer' and no power-light on the drive itself.

I know that some will say why bother with a floppy-drive in 2011, and I agree, it was just that I came across some old floppy-disks and I was wondering what was on them.

Thanks for any help
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  1. Try another USB port because you are not getting full power from that port. Some laptops have low power ports for a mouse or keyboard, and then other ports are full power for drives.
  2. Is it the same on all USB ports?

    What about other usb devices?

    Have you tested another USB floopy drive in your computer?

    Is USB support enabled in the BIOS?

    Is Drive A:\ enabled in the BIOS?

    Is the drive detected in the Hardware Manager?

    Have you reinstalled the drive in Hardware Manager or Uninstalled it, & restarted for XP to autoconnect it?

    Is the usb controller working properly (hardware manager properties, general tab,= This device is workign properly)?

    Start\Run\regedit\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\usbccgp\Start = What number is in the start value? (Data values are 0=Boot, 1=System, 2=Automatic, 3=Manual, 4=Disabled)
    Try a different number, if in manual (3) set it to automatic (2) or System, or even boot to see if any change.

    Finally, clean the USB ports, update the BIOS, reinstall the system, instal a new USB PCI card.

    Good Luck
  3. Well, guess I missed on what type of computer it is, so disregard the USB PCI Card.
  4. Thanks PhilFrisbie and Chicano......strangley the problem rectified itself only to return the next day...now it is working again. So whatever the problem is it sure can't make its mind up!
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