Does Iomega 1TB External Hard Drive work with linux?


I'm considering purchasing the Iomega 1TB External Hard Drive on eBay, but need to know if it will work with Linux?

My initial guess is that this HDD is simply hardware so should work with ANY operating system...right??!!


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  1. You have to be a bit careful here as the Iomega model a friend bought contained 2x500gig drives spanned using some sort of raid configuration. The disk format as supplied was Fat32 which is compatible with Mac and Windows. However the literature offered the option to convert to the current Mac file structure.

    Unfortunately my friend being a Mac person wasn't sure it was working (I'd failed to warn him that it would take hours) and decided to turn it off when he went to bed, meaning to resume the formatting in the morning. Which unsurprisingly royally messed it up.

    All I could do was restore the two disks separately as 500 gig drives using Fat 32.
    In the end he dumped the box and used the drives singly in a SATA dock..
  2. Thanks, fihart. But do you think that Linux could have the same problems as your friends Mac?
  3. In the instance I've quoted success would depend on whether Linux supports Fat32 -- because you may be sure that the Iomega manual won't mention Linux.

    Best bet is to trawl the Linux forums -- someone is bound to have a used an Iomega drive.
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