Need help picking a cheap i7 motherboard.

I'm going to be building a Core i7 rig soon, and I'm going to be using Maximum PC's Budget Surplus (,1 ) as a guide. I'll be picking a GTX Core 216 and a 640GB HDD instead.
But, their choice of motherboard disappoints me. Is there another motherboard around the same price that you can recommend? I've considered ASRock's X58 Extreme. Which one would you say is better?
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  1. hi ok i saw it it cost about 165€ and is a OK motherboard at the same price level there is a asus p6t se but asus do not build their motherboards like intel wanted them to do they do alot by temself so what i would suggest you is to spend like 40€ more and to buy the intel extreme series motherboard dx58so it is also quite good for overclocking quite easy i had a small prob today with my i7 overheating but it is just the intel boxed cooler so when i have lowered my temo i started overclocking i overclocked it from 2,66 -2,98Ghz +Turbo boost at now 2,5 h prime 95 69-72C
    and for i7 the normal temp is 69,9C.

    So if i were you i would invest 30--40 bugs more and have a intel DX58SO extreme series mobo.

    hope i could help
    greets laluma22
  2. ah yeah and i forgot to mention i would rather wait a few weeks till the new direct x 11 graphic cards are out should be at same price and even better so not to get than angry when you buy a dx 10 graphiccard and you have windows 7 with dx 11 support so rather listen to me and save some money and stress and some nerves ^^

  3. ^+1 for waiting for the ATI 5xxx cards.

    DO NOT get the X58 UD3R if you plan to go 12GB down the road. Also don't get it if you plan to OC very high (massive vdroop). Any thing above 3.6-3.7Ghz is hard on this board. And yes, this is coming from some one who owns this board. Specs are listed on my signature.

    Take a look in to the P6T SE or even better the P6T Deluxe.
  4. hey hey i also own this board and i do not have any probs and otherwise there are no progs or games that need 12 GB 6GB is also much more than you need and also i just overclocked it for fun cause it is almost impossible to get 100% at i7 920. sry there is a way you watch 2blu rays at same time on two 42" lcd F-HD and you play crysis and farcry 2 both and you are still not at 100% so. and he also mentioned that he wants to have 6GB DDR3 ram on windows 7. so that the dx58so is very good on benhmark(thats why i took it ) it is a good board and on the top4

    i know it is not symple with 12GB but who needs that ?
    and even it is your decision now think about it
    i have never had a p6t se but i wanted to bu it cause it was cheap .
    if you need 12gb ram do not take the dx58so
    but if for you 6gb is enaugh than it is not the wrong board overclock able.

    sry for writing agressive but i am a bit stressed probably of not sleeping a few days^^

    gn8 and greets
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