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I am using a sony vaio laptop from last year on one fine day the laptop screen was broken but still the laptop was working fine when i connect it to exter nal monitor. so i was using it as desktop system from last month, now i want to expand the HDD of laptop from 80GB to 500GB here i found the actual problem with 80 gb hdd os is loading good and the video appears on external monitor once the os is loaded but with this i con't install os on newer HDD coz i cont see the bios settings to install os or to change the settings please help me thanks in advance
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  1. You'll hate me for this but I'm afraid you would need the BIOS to make that change if it includes an option to disable the internal graphics card but very few laptops can do that.

    What settings do you have in "what to do when I close the lid" in Control Panel>Power Options?

    Another answer to the problem would be to slave the two hard drives into another system and use cloning software to transfer an image of the 80Gb drive and transfer it to the 500Gb.

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