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ok here is my BIG problem....i had to reformat my PC and when i did everything went ok. But now that I have it up and running my 2nd hard drive is not being recognized (has all my info and files on it).

It is a Wester Digital 500gb SATA drive. The PC im running on is a HP Workstation xw6000 i bought off ebay. I tried contacting HP and they said i had to "make a partition for the F: Drive" (the larger one) "in order to recognize it". I went to Computer Management in my control pannel and its not listed there just my C: drive. I am not sure what to do here or how to get access to the drive again but i really need some help. I would greatly appreciate anyone who can help me out here. Thank you.
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  1. so what is your first harddrive? You have 2 physical HDs? check the cables, check the drive in a friend's computer. As long as it's a physical second HD and not a partition, you should be able to check it pretty easy. If you only have one physical HD, but it was partitioned into 2 drives...(C: and D:) and you reformatted, then you're screwed. There are ways to get the info back, but from what I understand they usually consist of taking the HD into a professional recovery shop and cost $100-$200.
  2. Yuck....

    Any hard drive that is connected to your computer should be showing up in Disk Management (in the Storage drop down menu). If you do not see any other hard drive listed there, then it is not connected (or it does not exist obviously).

    Are you sure you had two hard drives? You may have thought you had two hard drives, but really just had two partitions on the same drive. When you reinstalled your OS, you may have wiped out all partitions.

    If you really had a second hard drive, you would be able to see it in Disk Management, right click that drive and assign a drive letter, and access it from My Computer.

    In the case that you really only had one hard drive and just wiped everything out, take the drive over to a hard drive recovery place and have them find your lost data for you.
  3. ok first off I Definitly have two hard drives as i have been inside the PC to get the info off the second one (which is how i posted the info). Second off Before i reformatted i had a C: drive (50 gig or so) and a F: drive (500gb). I have not bothered with any of the cables or anything and I am sure it works fine. I am not sure if its a physical or partition HD. But i do know it is 2 seperate HD's and not just one made into two sides. If you need any more info just let me know.
  4. 1) double check that the hard drive has a sata signal cable securely connected.
    2) verify that the power cable has not come loose.
    3) access the bios at startup. Does the drive show up there? If not, it is not connected.
    4) In windows access control panel/administrative tools/computer management/storage/disk management.
    You should see it there and change the status.
  5. you can always change sata cables...the port it's connected to and even try the HD on a friends computer...but it should show up in BIOS.
  6. i will double check all cables but at the moment it does NOT show up in BIOS at all. I may have bumped a cord or something, but i didn't unplug anything.

    Here is a picture of my hard drive....i have a single cable plugged into it that covers the areas Labeled: Serial ATA Power Connection AND Serial ATA Interface Connection

    Should there be a plug in where it says Legacy ATA Power Connection?
  7. UPDATE: I checked the power SATA cable (shown in picture above) looks different than the one in the picture and to the best i can see there is no LEGACY ATA power connection on this one. my SATA cable is more kinda flat and such. If needed i can take a pic with my cell phone for more help. Just an update to let you guys know whats goin on.
  8. Second UPDATE: ok another update here....took pictures of the cable and hard drive for you guys so you can see what im talking about. These are pictures of the HD NOT working. As i stated earlier there is another HD that is about 50 gb and ITS the main HD with the OS on it.

    First picture here is the hard drive itself. You can see the left side where the plug goes in. Also you can see where there is only the JUMPERS besides the plug in area. As there is no Legacy ATA plug on the drive i have.

    Second picture is a side shot and front shot of the plug itself that goes into the HD. This is the only one that was in it when i checked it. Again any and all help is appreciated.

    Thank you again and I await your responses.
  9. Some WD drives like the raptor have two power sockets. One, a sata power conector which is sort of flat, and the other a 4 pin legacy connector. You can use either one, but not both.

    It looks like what you have is a combo cable which would be used in a server that can accept a hot swap drive. The other end should, I imagine connect to a specialized port on a server motherboard which provides both signal and power. To properly use this, I think there should be some motherboard drivers that you need to install. It is also possible that there are some bios entries that you need to activate. Download the mobo manual and read up on the bios options.
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