SCSI doesn't see the scanner...

I did a clean install of WIN 98se. My adaptec scsi card won't see my scanner. No conflics in device manager, both the 2940U card and the scanner software are correctly installed, terminated correctly, It was working correctly BEFORE the clean install, no other devices on the 2940U.
I'm at a loss...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Try reseating the Adaptec card and both SCSI cable ends.
    When booting up does your scanner show up on the SCSI devices?
    Does the scanner have an indicating light - steady on for all systems go, or flashing for a connection error ?
    I have had a problem with that heavy, stiff SCSI cable whe I slid the case back into place. It seems it was pushing on the adapter card and causing a bad connection.
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