Which CPU is better for gaming!?

I'm looking at building my own gaming pc soon, and i was wondering which CPU is best for gaming....the intel i7 920 or the AMD phenom 2 955? or if there are any other better cpu's for gaming?

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  1. with current games and a single GPU there will be little difference between the two CPU's at stock settings.

    add more GPU's or wait for future games, then the i7 will kick the *** out of the 955.

    oh and the i7 helps in FSX and GTAIV also.
  2. when it comes right down to it the i7 920 is better

    you might want to solve this thread quickly, this topic usually gets alot of people

    how do you say (excited)
  3. how much do you want to spend. A build with the 955 sill be cheaper.
  4. Yeah, xaira's post was the only thing needed here. Congrats. Just ignore other fanboy posts.
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