Need to replace my possibly broken GA-EP35-DS3L

Think the connector for the power to the cpu has broken because everything works fine until i plug in the power to the CPU. The problem is it seems they no longer make the ep35 which is a shame because it was a nice board for the low price. So i need something cheap to take its place. Running Q6600 2gbx4 of ddr2 ram a 4850 Radeon GPU. Don't plan on upgrading any of my other hardware until i feel a need to upgrade it all. So something in the 50-100 range that can run that hardware fine and handle a bit of overclocking is what I need.

Any ideas?
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  1. How did you determine that the psu is not your problem?

    How do you determine that "everything works" without plugging in the cpu power?

    If you are confident the board is broken - though I don't know how you could be from what you've told us - try any of the (eg) first five:

    The best board may depend on what types of disks and optical drives you have, and other peripherals.
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    Gigabyte EP45-UD3L is the replacement.
  3. jsc said:
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3L is the replacement.

    yes I did some searching around and decided on this board got it in and replaced it yesterday. Solved my problem.

    @ Twoboxer
    I meant everything powers up. I had everything plugging into the psu/motherboard and it would run plug in the cpu power and it would start and not even a second later power off. So i determined that the power connector to the cpu was probably short circuited. I also tried everything in the boot troubleshooting sticky before hand. Obviously the board was at fault since my system is running fine now.

    Thanks for the help anyway guys ;)
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