HDD Controllers???? can't install vista

finally got everything together and going through the vista install. I am getting a message stating the controllers need to be enabled in the BIOS???? I looked and the IDE controller is enabled...it is preventing me from installing windows and I can't seem to get windows to install on the drive. Is this really a controller issue? how would I go about resolving this? or is this a HD format issue? they are brand new out of the package? a little 'green' when it comes to this build stuff. THANX IN ADVANCE FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

P6T Mobo
i7 920 CPU
4850x2 2gb gpu
WD Caviar 160Gb 1st
WD Caviar 640Gb 2nd
DVD drive
corsair 750w PSU
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  1. remove the power from the hard drive you are NOT loading windows to .

    If its an IDE drive make sure that the IDE controller is enabled in BIOS

    if its a SATA drive disable native IDE mode and enable AHCI. [ and if it still doesnt work reverse these and try again ]

    add the second drive after the install and format it from windows
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