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One reviewer on newegg said that the Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard was slightly bigger than standard ATX. If that is the case how would you fit in in a case, drill your own holes :-O? Also, I see that this Asus board also has a JMicron controller on it. I am under the impression that the JMicron SATA/PATA controller on my Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi-AP is a piece of junk and I was wondering what the quality of this JMicron controller was and JMicron in general. I know that lots of people had DVD burning issues because of the JMicron on mine. I had to buy a SATA burner (as opposed to my IDE) to get it to work correctly.
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  1. Although the size of the board is larger than most, the holes for the motherboard is still aligned for standard ATX. Why are you worried about Jmicron Controller if you said you already bought a sata burner?
  2. its like half an inch bigger than a standard ATX. I didnt have any CD burning issues with my RIIE. Havent tried DVD yet. Needed to put cables in an earlier stage than usual when building in order to insert them into the motherboard once it was screwed into place on the case.
  3. There is a youtube build with it on one of TJharlow's videos. You will see the problem there.
  4. So what exactly is the issue with the motherboard being bigger than standard ATX size?
  5. sgtmattbaker said:
    So what exactly is the issue with the motherboard being bigger than standard ATX size?

    They list the form factor size so people can check whether their case is big enough to comfortably house the motherboard.
  6. Ok, thanks.
  7. Lets see if someone can figure out this constant bug with this MB; PSU Thermaltake 1200w, I7-975, Corsair 12mb; ati Radeon HD 4850x2; Asus Xonar D2x; recently bought CoolIt Domino A/L.C cooler for chip. I play World of warcraft i have mode in Full when i play game computer is still shutting off in middle of game.
  8. Are you sure your CPU is working correctly? Power supply?
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