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Hi, I have a phenom 945 cpu in my m4n78 mobo. Is it worth buying a phenom 6 core cpu and will it work with my motherboard and my 8gb ddr2 ram.which amd 6 core is best value for the coin, thanks!!
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  1. Ah I see ,oh well,I have a hd5870 saphire oc card ,I thought possibly cpu was bottle necking card ,my cpu is oc to just under 3.3.Possibly I will have a go at building a new pc anyways,Thanks!
  2. why would a faster cpu not make any differnece for gaming?Would i need a better motherboard and possibly two hd5870's.would ddr3 ram make any difference for gaming purposes?Sorry for the silly questions,I am a noob!
  3. Would that little increase make much difference,Just some games lag a little when pushed to max,Will the bulldozer be expensive and worth the wait?Thankyou very much for your help!
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    what's the rest of your system specs and what resolution are you gaming on.?

    Hi again, I have m4n78 mobo,8gb ram ,dont know the brand,samsung 7200rpm hard drive,Ive been looking at maybe a ssd,windows 64,750w psu, gaming resolution 1920 x 1080 ,cpu oc to 3.3 ish,.
  6. Yes I thought so,how much gb does windows7 use on a ssd ,I was pondering on a 120 160gbssd, What kind of benefit would a blu ray rom be for me ,I download most games,will pc games be released on bluray do you think?
  7. What do you think to this bad boy, http://www.ebuyer.com/product/236493
  8. Sweet, Just asked my lady to buy it for me for crimbo,now just gotta figure out how to install it,Its quite simple moving windows from hard drive to ssd as far as i can make out,Am i right or over confident :) Thanks for your help your a legend!!
  9. Yea looks ok to do ,thank god spoke to you and didnt just go mental with my plastic buying 6 core cpu and mobo,You are a star!!!!if I knew how to store yourself on a friend list or that I would and let you know how I get on,should get it next monday.
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