Vista wont start with new mobo

I just installed a new mobo (ASUS) into my hp package machine. It wouldn't let me repair vista with my recovery disks it says this pc is not supported by the system recovery disks. Do I have to go buy the vista OS disks?
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    Yes. OS's that come with prebuilt PCs are licensed only for that PC. They use various methods to ensure it's the same PC. Only way I know of to get around that is to purchase an OEM version of the OS. That'll cost you somewhere between $90-110. If you're not replacing the MB you'll probably be ok, but it's still a hassle. If you're wanting to crack it I'm sure there's a way to do it, but I wouldn't be the one to show you how. And before you start blaming them, keep in mind that the full cost of the OS and the bundled software is greatly reduced by the deals companies make. One of those deals is that the software only works on that pc. That's how I understand it.
  2. The recovery disks are tied to the motherboard of the brand you bought (these are applicable to laptops and desktops). As nJohanis said, you need to buy another Vista disk, or maybe wait for Win 7 retail/OEM.
  3. You could install Windows7 Enterprise evaluation edition. Its good for 90 days which will get you up and past the offical release of Windows7

    edit: You can download and install W7 Enterprise right waiting!

    or purchase a retail Vista OS now with a free Windows7 upgrade when its releaed 10/22/2009
    for example....
  4. hehe, trying to use a pre-installed OS as an OEM???
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