Very Low 3DMark Vantage Score

Hey, I have run numerous tests and keep getting the same results. I'm pretty sure I should be getting significantly higher scores than I am, is there something wrong with my cards or what is the issue? Running dual 280's with 8 gigs of ram, and yet I have such a low GPU score in 3DMarkVantage.

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  1. Hmm... download latest drivers from nvidia site to start with, if you haven't already.

    Edit: nvm, looks like you have the newest one already.

    Have you tried it with just a single 280?
  2. Yeah I did try it with just one, and I got a score of around 5700 or so, a bit more than half.
  3. What settings did you use for the test?
  4. I think I used either the high or extreme preset? Are the results sorted by what preset I used?
  5. Try the test with the performance preset.

    Your score will vary a lot depending on what category you run it at.

    At the performance preset, a single 9800GTX gets about 6k, and 2 in SLi gets around 11.5k. A single GTX280 would get around 10k
  6. Ok then that's why, I thought the results were sorted by the preset I chose. At performance, I get 18023 with 2 GTX280's, so that sounds about right. Thanks for all the help guys, sorry for the lack of knowledge :)
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