ASUS Rampage Genie II - "Locked"

I just assembled a SFF rig using a Thermaltake Lanbox lite V60008WS. Things were a little tight but everything fit:
Asus Rampage II Genie
Intel i7 920
OCZ DDR3 PC3 1333MHz 3 x 2gb
GeForce GTX260 896 MB DDR3 PCI-e
Cosair PSU 620HX 620W
Samsung DVD SATA 22x
WD Caviar Black 1TB
When I attempted to boot up the the external LCD poster that came with the MB says "Locked". I reseated all parts and connectors and reset the CMOS via the backpanel switch twice without any change. Sent an email to ASUS but haven't heard back.
Tried clearing CMOS by reseting rear panel reset also removed battery to reset.
Alos removed all but one memory stick.
I am stumped!
What should I try next? Has anyone else had similar problems? Any help would be appriciated.
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  1. Did you read page 3-28 of the motherboard manual? ("Advanced" BIOS menu)
  2. Yes.

    I can't post, can't get into the bios.
  3. Ah! You have a "New Build Won't Boot" problem, not just a locked LCD.

    You need to go through this checklist:

    and do it as if you were reviewing someone else's work. If not, you are likely to repeat any assembly errors you might have made.

    Let us know how you make out, and ask if you need any help.
  4. Thanks I will go through the list again. Noticed on the thread some advice and disagreement on testing the PSU. Any recommendations?
  5. Some tests can detect some psu problems. But PSU's have many failure modes, and the cheapest tester is another psu. If the PC works with a new/borrowed psu, the other one is broken.

    The paper clip test will turn the PSU on (normally done by the mobo). That allows you to test voltage levels of the connectors under no load. You can detect a fully dead psu, or a dead cable, or a dead connector that way.

    But many "broken" psus have nominally correct voltage under no load, but cannot drive a PC under load, or drive it after a certain level is reached, or have their voltage vary under load (12VDC becomes 11VDC . . . or worse, 14VDC). A blip like this will stop a PC, and cannot be detected by a voltmeter. etc.

    So voltmeter tests have their use, but a psu that passes is not necessarily "working".
  6. OK, up and running. I dissassembled one more time and reset everything replaced the OCZ 1333MHz memory with 1600Mhz. Booted on the first try, message on the LCD "Corrupt CMOS" Entered the bios everything recognized all memory and hardware.
    Ruunning cooler than I thought it would with stock cooler.

    Was it the memory, or did i miss something the 1st 4 time through.
    anyway thanks
    On to Ocing when the cooler arives
  7. While you are waiting, it would be smart to put the other memory back in, and see if it fails. And if so, which stick.
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