Two part question about cooling

Ok, I have a two-part question.

I've unlocked the other two cores of my Phenom ii x2 550, and so I'm looking for suitable coolers (currently running stock, which probably isn't gonna cut it with a quad). I have an ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AM3 MOBO with a GeForce 9800GT in an Antec 900 case. I've been looking at the XIGMATEC Dark Knight, but I'm not sure it will fit without hitting my RAM/GPU/sidewall. Does anyone know if it will fit in there, or have a suggestion for a good cooler for this build that will definitely fit?

Part two is about safe operating temps.
As a dual core, I boot at 28* cpu and 36* core (those are bios temps, and within 1* of desktop). After half an hour of prime I measured 59* on both cores and overall. An hour later they were still holding steady. However, when I unlock the other 2 cores (which I understand disables individual core temp monitoring on the phenoms), I saw a peak of 84* on overall during prime. While I know that is quite toasty, I was under the impression that if it got over 70*, I would hit the shutdown temp and it would just turn itself off to cool down. That makes me think one of three things is going on here. Either speedfan, core temp, everest/aida64, and hw monitor (all of which were running at the same time to watch my temps) are ALL wrong by exactly the same amount with their displays of 79-84* and I'm actually under the shutoff point of 70, or the phenom ii will no longer protect itself as an unlocked quad (or option 3, will never cut off ever, and I was just wrong). To clarify, all 4 programs were within a 2* window the whole time; I peaked at 84* and then wobbled around between there and 79 after about 2 hours of prime.

Can anyone shed some light on what's going on there?
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  1. Do you have enabled the shutdown temperature in BIOS settings? If it is disabled then it won't shutdown... How did you unlocked the other two cores?
  2. This board has ACC capability, so it was as simple as rebooting, going into the BIOS, and setting ACC to "all cores" and turning on unleashing mode. Poof, quad-core.
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