Splitting a cat5e connection.

Hey all,

I am currently spending a great deal of money on a fast cable internet connection. Right now my roommates aren't here and I'm running the connection straight from the modem into my computer. I have noticed that when I have my connection running through my wireless router though, my internet connection seems slower like the router is bottlenecking it. If I buy a ethernet cable splitter (like this guy) will I be able to use the internet at a faster speed like I'm not using the router, or will the connection speed be divided in half? Also, I'm the only one with an actual connection, my roommates will be on laptops using wireless.

Crappy diagram of what I want to do:

| |
| [Router]
[My comp]
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  1. Not what you want.
    Your splitter only allows one connection at a time.
    It just saves you from moving the cable between two devices.

    You may need to replace your router with one that has better throughput.
    Or maybe the configuration in the router that need to be adjusted.

    I had a Netgear FVS 318 that was bottlenecking my high speed connection.
    Replacing it with the FVS 338 cleared up my problem.
  2. You can do this. I actually spent majority of a summer splitting connections in a school district. You're probably looking for something like this:

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