Will a 200 Watt Pico-PSU Work for this build?

I'm fairly certain I need something higher,but for my build, I need the power supply to be external, so I have 2 options.

1. Pico-PSU and a Power Brick. The site dosent seem to have a power brick that could power the Pico PSU tho

2. Use a "True" modular power supply and let it sit beside the case (True meaning the main cables disconnect as well).

The first option is much cleaner and nicer,but I fear it wont give me enough power (200 watts is the highest I seen for these).

Anyway,the build includes

Zotac Geforce 9300 Mini-ITX Mobo

Pentium Dual Core E6300

Low Profile Radeon 4650

I used that one power supply calculator ( http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine ),and I got around 150 watts for my system (it dosent list the 4650,so I averaged a 4550 and 4670),so would it be safe to use a 200 watt PS?
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  1. The PSU calculator gives recommended PSU size, you should be fine.
  2. You would probably be o.k, but likely it's pushing it. The power draw of the 4650 is closer to that of the 4670. The onboard video of the 9300 chipset isn't bad as it's more powerful than the 3200/3300 on AMD chipsets, so you may just want to use that instead.
  3. I dont really want to get into too many details of my build, but my goal is to play Halo 2 Vista at higher settings, which the 4650 should do. Since its older game,do you think I could get away with using a lower powered GPU instead?
  4. look at the silverstone Sugo mini-ITX case, it has a 300w silverstone PSU so you'd get a Q9550 and a 4770 in there with room to spare.
  5. thanx,but im not using an ordinary case

    I might just end up going with the modular power supply after all
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