New CPU Cooler Suggestion?

Hello right now i have an AMD Phenom II at stock speed with the Vendetta cpu cooler. well im idling at 50 degrees Celsius and 65 under load. Now i feel that is too hot! can you please how me pick something? i was thinking water cooling but like i dont wanna spend more then like 150 cause im a cheap bastard. So basically whats the cheapest way to cool my CPU?
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  1. Have you tried the simple things? Blow the dust out of your fans and vents. Tie up your cables for greater air flow. Reapply some thermal grease on your cooler.
  2. You already have a aftermarket cooler and you are thinking of water cooling?
    No,you should not do that.

    Reseat the HSF and apply thermal compound.......
    As already mentioned clean the dust and work upon better airflow for the case ....
    you may also buy some case fans.
  3. well my wires are already tucked under and the reason i want a better cooler is because this one i have now isnt the best and i want to overclock mine to 3.6 which is what i had it at before but the temp was at 70 degrees
  4. This is a very good AM2 socket cooler

    Here you can view the top ranked coolers.
  5. whats the best for under 100$? i saw the Thermal right final under there
  6. Hi,

    Newbie to this form, but have recently played around with temps as I live on the Med where Ambient can be a little warm.
    Played with my second PC which is a little old but getting up to 62c with CPU @100% (Amibient was around 32c), using ConvertXtoDVD.
    CPU is a Celly 2.4 clocked to 2.9, using stock CPU H/S & fan with no case fan fitted.
    With temps as follows @100% CPU, - this cost me no money!!!
    Before After
    CPU 62c 52c
    MB 58c 52c
    HD1 52c 46c
    HD2 57c 48c

    Fisrt after much reading on this forum (and others-am I allowed to say that?) decided to Lap the CPU (covered in many forums).
    So a piece of glass an some wet & Dry I had lying around in the garage and a spare hour or so with music/TV. The first thing I noticed on starting was the outer edge of the CPU was higher than the middle, therefore thermal paste would have been thicker where the heat source is at the center of the CPU which can not help heat dissipation? Anyway the process is very easy and somewhat relaxing, also did the heatsink at the same time, but this was flat and need minimal work.
    Instant result 62c down to 52/53c, WOW I would have been happy with 5c drop! The MB had also dropped to around 56c.
    So Lets have a play with the case (looks like an old one), no reading forums here as plain old logic will do the trick. Air was being drawn into the case an dragged out by the PSU fan without that air getting near other components before reaching the PSU, by restricting air flow by blocking vents into the case leaving the air coming in at the bottom front and at the side under the MB got the other temps down alot more, fitting an old fan in the back I am sure helped alittle more and finished up with the results above.
    While playing with it I also removed the PSU and fitted some bigger capacitor from a newer PSU I killer last year, Capacitors degrade with age and my PSU is.....old (250W!). These were from a decent quailty 450w and as long as the Cap voltage is the same and the farads the same or bigger you will be OK, mine were bigger (form 450W).
    This, although done just cos I could because it was already in bits has reduced the heat out of the old PSU by quite alot and reduced "Dogslow's" (sorrythats what I called it) noise output too. Please dont do this at home folks, as an electronics guy for many years I still have GR8 respect for PC Power Supplies (SMPS), the will bite hard!
    Anyway had fun for three or four hours playing with it, now I was just wondering what temperatures I would have got if I had just reseated the heatsink!
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