Do I need a new cpu fan?

I want to OC my amd 965 3,4 ghz. I want to make a moderate OC. 3,8-4,0 I would be satisfied.
But I am not sure if I need to change my cpu fan?
I have a artic freezer 64 pro cpuf fan. temperatures now are.
45 degress idle (after 8 hours of computer on) I reach around 55 degrees during gaming.
Temperature in my room is around 25 degrees.
max operating temp for my cpu is 63.

So based on these facts, do I need a new cpu fan?
If so, would corsair a70 be a good choice?
And what about termal paste? any suggestions?

amd 965 BE, 3,4 ghz
4gb kingston ram. 1333mhz
artic freezer 64 pro cpu vifte
fractal design r3 kabinett
550w corsair psu
cyclone gtx 460 1gb gpu
asus4A88t-v evo hovedkort
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  1. so u are saying I need a stronger cpu fan for OC?
    what about the a70? is it good? or do I need a stronger than that?
  2. The Cooler Master 212 is still 15.00 after rebate on newegg. Your temps are a bit warm, what program are you using to measure the temps?
  3. I am using hw monitor and speccy. both shows same temperatures. maybe my cooling paste is old.
    hard to put it on, gets clumpy. I am from europe so u can advice me on cpu fans, but special offers not.

    yea my temps are abit warm. gets like this when playing fsx.
    my cpu fan runs at 1300 rmp max, but is very quiet.
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