Will my PSU handle a HD 4670?

My pc has a good generic PSU (nor a quality branded PSU , nor a crappy one) rated at 450 W, with 18 Amps on the 12v rail.

My rig is:

Athlon X2 5200+ (65w TDP)
4 x 1GB DDR2 RAM
4 case fans
DVD Re-Writer
180 GB Seagate IDE HDD
500 GB Seagate 7200.11 Sata HDD
GeForce 8600 GT 512 MB

And everything runs fine.

Would the PSU be able to power an ATI HD 4670 video card? Will I be safe enough with 18 amps or there will be problems?
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  1. That PSU will eat a 4670 right on up so grab it ;)


    Also try googling in the future...i just had to type "4670 amps"...
  2. No... get a 600w with around 30 amps to be safe.
  3. mamw93 said:
    No... get a 600w with around 30 amps to be safe.

    Why do you even post here? what is the point in making such a *** recommendation you know is overkill? you must have been born in 93....troll...

    Your current psu will work just fine don't listen to this child....

    Also...the soon to be released 4770 will replace the 4670 and it should work with your psu just fine as its geared to be a low power card just as the 4670 and it should be quite the increase in performance for just a little bit extra cash...also the 4770 being 40nm should overclock quite a bit and with the added overclock it will pull even farther away from the 4770

    I could get a 4670 for 50$ on my door step but im waiting to see if the 4770 will be worth the extra 40-50$
  4. The HD 4670 consumes 47w at stock speed so even a generic 450w PSU like yours will handle it.

    Don't listen to mamw93. Overall your system draws power well within the 450w PSU's limit.
  5. Thank you jaguarskx

    If someone is in the market for a 4670 i highly doubt they have that much of a budget and a 600 w psu would be 50-60$ or more for a cheapo brand and would push anyone looking at a 4670 down to a lower tier...but that really doesn't matter cause his psu will do just fine
  6. ^ I use a 4650 (which consumes about the same amount of power as the 4670) on a Dell E521 305watt PSU w/ 18amps on 12v rails.

    Your PSU is more than enough.
  7. Thank you for your quick replies! I'll wait till the 4770 launches.
  8. The 4770 will perform at around the 4830/4850 range which is much better than the 4670. The 4770 will require a 6 pin connection though. It will consume 80 Watts which is 5 more than the PCIE slot can deliver. The slot wont supply all the 75 though it will be split somewhat more evenly between the slot and the 6 pin.
    Even so i would have thought your PSU should be ok. Does it have a PCIE 6 pin cable ? If so its definatly ok. If not then you need 2 spare 4 pin Molex connecters to plug an adapter into. This may or may not come in the box so you need to check as getting a card turn up you cant use is a real pain in the butt :(

  9. i use a 500watt generic psu with 18 amps on the 12v rail.

    ..with a 9800gt. :D

    ..its running fine.

    the 9800gt requires 12 amps and the stronger 4850 just requires 10 amps.
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