Is the only advantage of a quad core over a dual core multitasking?

If the cores for both CPUs were the same, would that be the only advantage?

More specifically, I plan on getting the AMD Phenom II X3 710, but it just occured to me that all I would be using my computer for would be basic gaming, and basic video editing. It's not like I woul really be able to do those both at the same time right? Maybe I would listen to iTunes at the same time of surfing the web, playing games or editing, but not much more multitasking. So I figured maybe it would be more practical to get the Phenom II X2 550, which is the same price but has stronger cores. What do you think? Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. i would stick with a stronger dual core unless you you will be consistently using multithreaded applications
  2. If you do stuff like convert a lot of dvd's to other formats, get more cores, if not then it wont make a big diff. If you run a lot of virtual machines, more cores is good, if you don't, then not really.
  3. gta4 uses more than 2 cores.

    something else that should be pointed out about quadcores. core2quads dont work so great as quadcores. yes, there are 4 cores, but it exceedingly difficult to write code to get multithreading working properly past 2 cores. stems from the design, 2x2, not an actual quadcore.

    this is sort of where corei7 will shine.
  4. actually, you should check this article on multi-core scaling:,2280.html

    The 710 is good, but I would recommend the X3 720BE.
  5. Or, wait for the 730
  6. skyturnred said:
    Maybe I would listen to iTunes at the same time of surfing the web, playing games or editing, but not much more multitasking.

    There is more going on than that in your computer. Pop up Task Manager and look at all the processes loaded or running in the background. As soon as you have a multicore CPU, CPU utilization rates become less important.
  7. It really does depend on how you use the computer. For my gaming computer, I have a nicer dual core, as few games took advantage of more than two cores.

    If you do a lot of encoding or serious multi-tasking, the quad will be a good choice.

    We are moving more to quad core (as more apps now are supporting multiple threads), but now, more programs seem to be written for two or less cores.
  8. Phenom II X4 810 2.6GHz

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    They sold out yesterday and again today - the special runs through July 6.

    The extra core(s) will definitely help with most video editing/encoding applications. More RAMs (and faster disk I/O) is of greater benefit if you are a serious multitasker.
  9. OK, since I havnt seen it mentioned yet, everyone is bypassing what really the true potential of 2 vs 4 can mean. Multi threading is more important to any particular single app alone, and having more cores will help there, as well as multi tasking
  10. I think, Hyperthreading available in Corei7 and Core2's but not in Quad Cores...
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