OC'ing AMD Phenom II X6 1055T [Help]


I'm trying to OC my AMD Phenom II X6 1055T, but I can seem to get past the 2.8Ghz mark (Which is stock) I've turned AMD turbo boost off, set the multiplier to it's highest. The only thing I haven't changed is the North Bridge Multiplier. Iv'e included a picture detailing my specs. (Note: I use bios to change everything, not the MSI overclocking center. <--- Serves as a cpu temp monitor as other ones don't read the temps correctly)

EDIT: I can change voltage setting via bios, but opon saving settings and rebooting, oc'ing fails. Any help is welcome! (First Time Doing this =D )


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Thanks for looking!!
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  1. - Important Keep Temperature CPU under 60C
    - Use After market Cooling
    - Go Bios to Overclock :
    1055T can Oc with Raise FSB with max multiplier 14 !
    first u must OC CPU : increase FSB step by 5 Step from 200 to 205 reboot , from 205 to 210 reboot again , again....
    don't increase anything except FSB
    this is way to looking Max overclock CPU under default Voltage !
  2. BlueScreens when FSB is set to 210, with multiplier at x14. Problem With os?
  3. rarely system is cause BSOD! generally RAM setting & HArdware cause BSOD . but software OC can cause BSOD !
    check your RAM with memtest86+ !
    U need Clear CMOS. it can go default From Factory! uninstall software make OC GPU & CPU ..!
    OC Via BIOS again.. up up up..
  4. I think it's a driver issue with my system. each time I uninstall my network drivers, all is well, once windows reinstalls them though, thats when all hell breaks loose.
  5. good..
  6. oh snap nvrmind, ran memtest 86x and has many errors!!! Thank God for Amazon, they'll replace it. Come to think of it, I've BSOD many times before!
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