Trying to remove new hardware found, that keeps popping up, I have not installed

I am trying to remove a pop that keeps saying found new hardware, I click on the icon on the task bar to says safely remove hardware, I have followed all these steps, but when I turn my computer back on, the same thing keeps popping up, how do I get rid of this, as I feel this is the reason my computer keeps lagging. I have also installed a registry cleaner, and have cleaend up my computer, but it still tells me over 1,0387 in privacy sweeps found, how is this possible.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    The "Safely Remove Hardware" notice is only there to tell you when it's safe or not to remove a flash drive or external disk without fear of damaging the data if the system is still working on it. Found new hardware is telling something the system hasn't seen before and is trying to find a driver for it.

    My worry is that the so-called Registry cleaner you installed has removed a driver from the system - which one is it and have you paid for it? I suspect it may keep finding "errors" even where they don't exist until you cough up the money it demands.

    Go into Control Panel>System{Hardware if XP}>Device Manager to find entrie with yellow marks beside them Right click each and go to Properties then click on Update Driver and let the system search for one. Post back if that doesn't stop teh message.

    Please don't make any payments for the Registry cleaner - post the details back here and someoen will know how to fix it.

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