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I'm very new to this but I have been reading up on it. I want to know best settings to use on xfx ati 5750 for clocking using ati ccc. I found this article, is the settings safe?. Also what should AA, AF, the settings in the 3d tab be set to?,2.html
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    When I had a Sapphire Vapor-X edition ATI 5750, I was able to have the core clock set to about 775 MHz and the memory clock set to about 1200 MHz without it getting too hot. So I would think you should be able to achieve those speeds. As for AA, I found the 5750 didn't have much power to do any Anti-Aliasing so I left it at "Use Application Settings" then I would play around with the AA setting in each game I played. The AF on the other hand should be able to be set to 16x without a problem.
  2. Okay, thank you so much. Will try out those settings.
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