Seasonic S12II-430 Undervoltage on Hard Drive 12V?


I am currently supplying my computer with a Seasonic S12II-430 430W Power Supply.

It supplies power to the following components:

(24/7 power on, Very Low utilitization computer)

CPU: Intel e2160 CPU

RAM: 2x 2GB DDR2

Mainboard: P5E VM DO

Graphics: Integrated Intel

2x 1TB SpinPoint F1 7200RPM
4x 1TB Western Digital GreenPower models: EADS and EACS
1x 500GB Western Digital SE16 7200RPM
1x USB 2.5 Harddrive


PCI Cards:

4x 120MM 800RPM (Antec TriCool)
1x CPU Stock Fan


According to Everest 5, the +12V line is sending only 10Vs, while other things such as +5 is 5.4V, 3.3V is 3.23V seem to be fine.

Is there a problem here?
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  1. Everest is far, FAR from very accurate. If the line truly was at only 10v you would definitely know. Try checking in your BIOS.
  2. Absolutely, it's certainly the next thing to do on my next restart.

    however, in normal working conditions, would a 430W PSU be more than sufficient for this configuration?
  3. A 2160 with Intel onboard video? Uh, yeah, you've got plenty of power.
  4. Or better, you can check the 12 volt line at one of the molex connectors. Check between the yellow and black wires.
  5. Hi
    Realise this is an old thread but I've googled my problem and found your same prob. It's a cctv system using hard drive for recording. It doesn't detect the hard drive and I see that the 12v connector is only getting 10v. The 5v is fine. I know this is the cause of the problem as if I give it 12v from an external supply it works fine.
    Did you get a solution / workaround for your problem?
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