Core clock doesnt seem to stay at 875mhz

so i recently bought a GTX 460 1g from EVGA, I have the latest drivers and while using the evga overclocking tool and also even the msi after burner it says the the clock should be at 875mhz but gpu-z and the overclocking tools show that the core clock and shader clock is at 405core and 810 shader. why does it do that, i seem to get regular clocks when i start up my comp. also i noticed, in the EVGA OC scanner under GPU monitoring, it only goes to the clocks i want when it says p0, abd drops to the 405 clock when it shows p3, what is that? i just tried playing black ops and the core clock did not jump up while playing.
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  1. It's energy saving profiles.

    When you're not running games or anything graphically intense, your graphic card will clock right down to save power and keep cool. When you fire up a game, your card should clock up to the full 875MHz.

    There have been glitches in some drivers that do not let the card clock up or clock down at the right time, which if you think is happening I would suggest getting a slightly older driver and testing that out.
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