How do you check your ram temperature vista

Hi i recently upgraded my PC bought 4Gbs of RAM(2X2) and now i am experiencing blue screens its dumping the memory. I took out one of the 2Gbs it held up for awhile but its doing the same thing again with the next set of Ram. A friend of mine said i should check to see if the RAM is runing at the right temperature he told me to go online.....could you help me i don't know where or how to do this.
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  1. I don't think you can and I don't think RAM overheats that often, the closest thing would be your case temperature.
  2. You could always open up the case while the system is running and check the RAM temp with one of your fingers; if it's hot (not just warm, but HOT), that could indicate a problem.

    Antec sells a poseable "bendy" internal fan that can be connected to one of the mobo base screws. I'm using one right now in my system and it seems to be helping bring the temps down for my RAM quite a bit.

    Antec SpotCool
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