Brands of motherboard dual core that support P 478 slot

Need to know some brands of Mother boards dual core that supports P478 slot!!! :bounce:
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  1. I presume you mean Intel mobile dual core processors (Socket M or Socket P), since there are no dual core Socket 478 desktop processors:





    BCM Advanced Research


    Commell Systems

    iBase Technology


    Jetway Computer

  2. No not a mobile processors but a Intel(R) Pentium 4 socket 478!!! Is it possible that my old processor will be attach to a PCIx compatible mother boards? Or a more powerful boards? What kind of mother boards should I look for my processor!!! I don't like to trash this one!!!

  3. There are no dual core Socket 478 Intel desktop or server processors.
  4. The Socket 478 is obsolete. No current boards are made for that. All Intel CPUs and boards are socket 775 and 1366. And they just introduced the 1166. Older motherboards with chipsets like the 845 and the 865 will use the 478 socket but they will not support the newer features like PCI-express
  5. Now this is the answer I'm looking for!!! Thanks!!! Oh well what a waste!!! But let's try that PCI- express someone told me that thing is awesome!! So the new board now have a socket 1166!!! What's new on that board?
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