IBM Thinkpad with Windows XP wont recognize mp3 player or USB mass storage

Hello, I have an IBM Thinkpad with Windows XP- it wont recognize mp3 player or USB mass storage, won't give it a drive letter. I went to control panel, uninstall and re-install, comes back with a tiny Yellow sign next to "USB Mass Storage" with an Exclamation point in it, a message, "Windows could not install-your device may not work"
Mike (
Please, if anyone knows a fix, can you email me?
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  1. Install the drivers for your system, try the chipset drivers first. You may want to download the Thinkvantage System Update utility from Lenovo's web site. For XP you need 3.14

    If that does not work, you can try a BIOS reset (unplug the battery, wall power, take off the keyboard and remove the CMOS battery under the palm-rest. Most IBMs have the battery there.).

    If that fails, you probably have a hardware issue, maybe a power surge on the ports or something occured. They do sell external USB ports on a PC Card you can get.
  2. I don't think I explained myself well enough. What I found, is that I can plug in a Flash drive, storage device, and open up any file, it recognizes them, calls them D: Kane Tiger, or whatever name flash they are.

    But when I plug in my mp3 player (Sansa Fuze), it "lights up", like it's getting power from the computer, but when you go to "My Computer, it doesn't recognize, no drive letter for the mp3 player, like there WAS when I plug in a plain Flash drive! Also, if I leave it in too long, I notice the batteryn drains, so it's not "re-charging", like it does with all other computers....Why does it recognize a Flash USB device, and NOT the Mp3 player, which works everywhere else?
  3. Some MP3 players need a driver for the PC to see them, take a look at the support site for the unit.
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