High GPU temperature for HD4850

Recently got hooked on overclocking, so now I'm trying to see how far I can push my gpu through overclocking.

I'm using Powercolor HD 4850 pcs 512mb GDDR3.

From the information I gathered after overclocking, people aim to target temp at ~50deg, and under load, under 90deg, correct me if I'm wrong.

For my gpu, at idle it rests at 55 - 56 deg, under load, it goes up to 92 deg at just stock settings (500MHz core and 993Mhz Memory) .. Anyone can point out what could be the problem?

Also, being curious, I tried pushing the core speed to about 625MHz, the gpu stablizes at 96 - 98 deg. As I continued to push more, even at 660MHz, the temperature remains at 96 - 98 deg.

Not only that, I'm using gputool to overclock.. and using that to test for stability. Apparently at 660MHz core speed there are still no artifacts, I'm guessing that my gpu can still be overclocked? Or is there something messed up with my cooling system for the gpu?

p.s. Under load meaning using gputool to test for stability
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  1. Well, your gpu idle is quite high, and load is Too high.
    I recommend setting up a fan profile [higher fan rpm with higher temps], clearing out any dust on gpu, fan and case in general..
  2. Noted. Though for the fan part, its already at 100% fan speed at about 80 deg. Dust wise, I'm not so sure, will do some checking soon.

    Also, could it be because my gpu is being crammed in between my sound card and cpu cooler?
  3. Maybe, meaning restricted air inflow/outflow. But do check for dust in gpu [entire case better]..
  4. 80c with the fan running at 100 percent? That sounds like a case airflow issue. Open the case and try again, if the temps improve you'll have your answer.
  5. Well, my case was never closed to begin with.. but apparently, about 10 seconds after I close the case.. My com hangs.
  6. When opening the case it hangs, thats not something with the case or maybe you touched some wiring somewhere, make sure all hardware is seated properly..
  7. What I was trying to say is that by closing the case, which was opened all the while, it probably caused airflow to be worse, hence overheating my gpu or cpu that might cause potential hangs. Besides, my wires are properly tied up and hardly sticks out, so I guess that the hang should not be caused by that.
  8. DId you check for dust and ensured all hardware all all pugged in tightly ?
  9. Well, you are starting with a tough card to overclock anyway. 4850's were running pretty hot right out of the box.
  10. I'd leave it altogether if I was you, mate. I OC'd my 4850, the temps were sky high. Eventually my PC started to shut down during gaming due to overheating of the GPU.

    So, I got an aftermarket cooler. It wasn't too expensive, just below €20. I came back home, started to undo the screws on the stock cooler, my screwdriver slipped and damaged the card... badly. I killed it.

    It's simply not worth it.

    The good thing is that I bought a second-hand 4870 three days later. :D Not planning on OCing this one, my brand new aftermarket cooler lays on the shelf gathering dust...
  11. unscrewed the heatsink off the GPU and found out that the thermal paste has dried up so bad that I actually had to scrape it off! Put a new thermal paste and now things seem to work perfectly! OC-d to 620Mhz, memory at 1050mhz and things r working fine! Check the thermal paste ppl!

    HD 4850 1GB
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