SATA drives show up in BIOS and device manager but not in My Computer

I put in just my SSD and installed windows 7 and some drivers and then I shut it down and tried to put in my Samsung f3 Spintpoint and WD 2TB drive. The computer sees them in BIOS and device manager but I get no option to mount them or anything (and the 2TB WD has a lot of important information, it was an external HDD but I took it out of the case to get faster transfer speeds, and it shows up just like all the others).

But in my computer nothing shows up except the SSD. I really don't know what to do. My specs are in my sig, and it was just finished construction last night and installed Win 7 then. Besides the HDDs not showing up in my computer everything has been fine. My iPhone was recognized, games run fine, I am just clueless about this. I even tried the hotswapable bays in my HAF X and got the same thing.

The SSD is plugged in to a SATA 6Gbs, the others all in to SATA 3Gbs, does it matter the order? I wouldn't think so since bios shows them all. Do I have to change over to ACHI mode or whatever (totally unfamiliar with it, but I've heard it mentioned, all my bios are default except for changing boot order.

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    You may have to import the disks. if you righ-click on Computer and select manage. It should show all the disks connected. if so it will have a warning such as "Foriegn disk". If this is the case you can right click on the warning and import foriegn disk.
    If the warning is different, post back please.
  2. Hi there,

    Take a gander over to Disk Management, in the lower graphical section, and report how it is listed.
    There are actually two components to this section, the Disk section on the left, and the Volume section on the right.

    You should see on the left, Disk 1, or 2, Basic Disk, Online. If it says Foreign, then right click like Plumble said, and Import. This may well be the problem since it was an external USB? cabled drive on a prior computer.

    On the right side, it should say NTFS, list the volume size, have a drive letter designation, and "friendly name". If it had been previously actively asigned a letter, that would be the same as the SSD, or another attached HDD or DVD or CD drive, it wouldln't show up properly. There you can also right click and assign it a letter, like "F" or "V" or any non used letter so the OS can ID it properly.

    Hopefully that will get your OS talking to your secondary HDD.
  3. Did that work?
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    nI take it it did. Cool.
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