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I got this i5 750 running on default values for a month now and i think it is time to OC it a bit. After reading the review of Tom's i decided to jump the BCLK to 150 because i dont want to mess with voltage control. That will give me an OC to 3.2 -> 3.6 with Turbo. The question is (and i want a simple answer as possible) about the RAM.
I have a 2x2GB Kingston XMP 7-7-7-20 1333 @ 1.65v. Now i have XMP enabled and it has detected those values automatically.
If i bump the BCLK to 150 or 160 what steps must i do in order to configure the RAM? I assume i can't just leave it to XMP as it is.
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    If you go from 133 BCLK to 150 or 160, you will need to figure out how hard you can push your RAM. If your RAM is able to run at 1600mhz, then you don't need to do anything. Just push the BCLK to 160 and leave the RAM multiplier at 2:10. It's strongly recommended that you manually set your RAMs timings and voltage so that it does not change after you OC. I suppose this would be the best case scenario. It's also recommended that you disable turbo boost when OCing, just in case the turbo boost pushes the chip past stability.

    If the RAM cannot handle the higher frequencies, then you will have to play with the RAM multiplier in order to bring the RAM back down to what it can handle. 160BLCK with 2:8 multiplier is 1280mhz, so that should be fine.
  2. with "turbo", do you mean turbo booster or a setting in your DRAM, that was changed from stanard -> to Turbo?

    You should start OC it by adjusting your voltage so you know that the system will be stable, therefore you can then adjust the DRAM speed. Reason if, if you don't know that the system is not stable, and you adjust your speed on your ram also, and that become unstable.... how will you knokw if the problem is either the RAM setting or your CPU setting??

    So something to keep in mind, i would OC your CPU right.... Disable all those eco freindly settings, Fix your multiplier, Adjust your BUS fix your DRAM ratio, etc etc... then after your CPU is stable then that when it sound good to adjust your DRAM speeds.....

    Just keep in mind that if you know try to push your system past either 3.8-4.0, you most likely have to adjust other voltage settings.....
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