Help with my first build. Motherboard Question? 1156 Socket

I am building my first PC. After 10 years with Apple. Here are my current parts and orders pending. I currently have 2 motherboards.

Intel Extreme BOXDP55KG Motherboard
MSI P55-GD80(After seeing how easy it is to overclock)

My only concern is the relaibility of the MSI. I have never used either brand since this is my first build. I do want to learn about overclocking and plan on doing it. I have watched some videos on YouTube and one had the MSI and it really looks like a nice board with alot more features than the Intel. Please help me decide. I do not want the wrong decision.

The other key components are

Using NZXT TEMPEST Mid Tower Case
Corsair 750W Power Supply
Intel Core i7 860 2.8 Processor
Seagate Barracude 7200.12 1TB
LG Blu-ray Burner
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit. With WIndows 7 free upgrade
8gb GSkill Ripjaws dual channel memory
Corsair HF50 Cooler
XFX HD 4890 Graffics card.
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  1. I'm building a i7 860 build too and I will be going with Asus p55 pro or a Evga board. Also you should consider going with a Western Digital Caviar black hard drive, better and cheaper :)
  2. I already purchased all these items. I paid $73 bucks with a free 4gb micro sd card for the Seagate. From what I read the Western Digital advantage will be neglible.
  3. You'll get too many opinions about motherboard brands. Stick with the MSI if it has the features you want. Many board brands are outsourced to another manufacturer. There's only about 3 that make boards in large quantity left in the world.
  4. Price was good , good one ^^
  5. WOuld the MSI board bottleneck if I chose to put 2 XFX Radeon 4890s's on it?
  6. they will all run to 8x/8x i believe, but the difference between 16x/16x isnt big, almost none depending on what you doing
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