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OK I know there are a bunch of threads about this topic but I still have no good answer I tried Regedit thing and got as far as
after that I'm supposed to look for and delete the upper and lower filters in the lines of text to the right but no such luck. there is nothing about "upper" or "lower" or filters" any were. this is driving me nutz. I know some one here has the answer. this forum has never failed ME before.
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  1. Does the drive show up in the BIOS? If not, the drive is likely damaged.

    Try running this Fixit scan.
  2. thanks but, scan didn't work. my Bios doesn't say much. the only place I can find a reference of the cd/dvd is the boot order page. but I will say that it will not boot from my windows 7 disk so i the bios can't find it either. The door opens, and when you close it with a disk in it the light comes on, there is a bit of noise and then ...nothing. :( I worry that even if I buy a new drive it won;t show up.
  3. Is it a SATA or IDE drive?

    Make sure it's enabled in the BIOS.

    If it's IDE, make sure the jumper is set right.

    If none of those help, try changing the cable.
  4. well I should have said before but it's an HP DV 6700 laptop with an sata slim drive.the dvd is set as first in the boot order and it is enabled.

    I'm thinking of ordering a replacement. I'd rether not have to shell out money but.... What do you think?
    I'm just worred that I still won't detect it if I can't sort out this problem first, or do you think the old drive IS the problem?
  5. Double check to make sure it's still connected. If it is, and still doesn't work, it's probably time to replace it.
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