9800 gt not working!!!!

Well my xfx 9800 gt was getting higher temps, idling at 70C so I went in and applied new arctic silver
well that didn't work so I redid it
then my display got weird colors and went blank after 5 min
now it no longer gets past the windows loading screen after that it is just blank
I feel so stupid right now for doing this, high temps was better than not working lol
well Im pretty sure I voided xfx's policy
Is there any way for me to get my card repaired?
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  1. Per the XFX warranty:
    XFX's liability under the Double Lifetime Protection is limited to the repair, or, at XFX's discretion, the replacement of the portion(s) of the Product that are found to be defective in material or workmanship. XFX reserves the right to claim shipping fees as well as a service charge* for any incomplete or modified Product that is returned and that requires repair or replacement, or when the Owner is not entitled to any coverage under the XFX Double Lifetime Protection.

    I think you'd be OK, though they reserve the right to charge for repairs to user-modified cards. Call them and explain. In my dealings with eVGA and BFG when my cards have failed due to heat factors, they have both actually recommended I open it up, clean the chip and HS, and apply new thermal paste.

    The only way you're absolutely NOT ok at all is if you never registered your card with them within 30-days of purchase. That is a requirement for the lifetime warranty.
  2. Yeah I did register my card with 30-days purchase
    Thanks RazberyBandit you raised my hopes up on fixing my card
    and not having to buy a new one
  3. You're welcome. Hopefully you get an intelligent and sympathetic support agent who actually recommends you fiddle around with the card and actually suggests opening it up. If he/she does, do NOT tell them you already did that. Tell them, "OK. I built my own PC and did that to my CPU, and I still have some Arctic Silver 5 lying around here somewhere. I'll try that and call you back. What's your extension?" LOL
  4. great idea
    hopefully that works
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