HD4870 Mem 2690908Mhz (GPU-Z Bug??)

Well, hmm. It would seem we have a problem here.
I also cannot update my Catalyst drivers to 9.4. I get the error: "Catalyst Install Manager failed to initialize".
Any way to fix this?
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  1. I have nothing useful to add, but that's really funny. I especially love your Bandwidth. 344 TB/s ftw
  2. Get the latest GPU-Z. Reinstall OS or get uninstall drivers through Add or Remove Programs and then install 9.4
  3. who needs 1GB of video memory when you have 344TB/s bandwidth
  4. You'd need 3-4GB (maybe more) for Super Hi-vision. You'd need 10 GTX295s in 20-SLI to run Crysis on Very High 16xAA 16xAF and 2 i7 965s and 12GB RAM. LOL!!!!

  5. Never has something been so easy... lol. I haven't updated my drivers since I had that version of GPU-Z, so that's strange that it would do that.

    Anyway, I updated to 0.3.3, and it fixed the problem. That screenie is definitely a keeper though :), especially because it's not photoshopped.

  6. 344 TB/s !! i want your card ! ;)
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